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15 – 18 June: Aquabike World Championship

22 May 2023
Aquabike 2023 Olbia

The Aquabike World Championship makes its return to Olbia once again. Athletes from different nations will battle it out in the waters off the Brin and Bosazza piers, providing breathtaking performances for the attending audience. With 21 represented nations and a lineup of international talents, the race promises intense emotions and pure adrenaline.

The Runabout GP1, GP2, GP4, and Runabout GP4 Ladies categories will see the world’s best riders compete against each other. Defending champions will seek to hold onto their titles, while new talents will vie for glory on the waves. The Ski Division GP1, GP2, GP3, and GP4 Ladies categories will also feature Italian and international contenders ready to compete for victory.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this world-class spectacle, where acrobatics, breathtaking speeds, and fierce competition will create a unique atmosphere. Get ready to experience a weekend of extraordinary thrills and cheer for your favorite riders as they vie for the world title.